‘The Voice’ 13 Battle Round Itunes Spoilers: Duet Pairings And Song Selections For Night 2

The spoilers for tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice’ have officially leaked through Itunes. Thanks to the leaks, we now know the full list of Battle Round pairings and song selections for the episode. Check them out!

Song Spoilers and Pairings (In No Particular Order):

1- Esera Tuaolo with Rebecca Brunner: This I Promise You, by NSYNC

2- Chloe Kohanski with Ilianna Viramontes: I Am Women, by Helen Reddy

3- Hannah Mrozak with Brandon Showell: Cold Water, by Major Lazer

4- Dave Crosby with Dylan Gerard: Doctor My Eyes, by Jackson Browne

5- Davon Fleming with Maharasyi: I’m Your Baby Tonight, by Whitney Houston

6- Mitchell Lee with Dennis Drummond: Mr. Jones, by Counting Jones

So those are the spoilers! Which performance are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments below!

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