Lindsey Stirling Dominates Week 6 Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 25 With Stunning Argentine Tango (VIDEO)

Monday’s weekly episode of ABC’s hit reality show, Dancing With The Stars, delivered a variety of strong performances, but there was one routine in particular that stood out to the point that judge Bruno Tonioli said it was not only the best performance of the night, but the best of the season. The routine in question came courteous of violinist and America’s Got Talent alumni, Lindsey Stirling and her dance partner, Mark Ballas. The performance, which was a robot themed Argentine Tango set to Human, by Sevdaliza, cemented Lindsey’s frontrunner status and has received widespread acclaim from the DWTS fanbase. You can check out the performance below.

While there are many viewers who deemed Lindsey’s performance worthy of being crowned the winner, there are other fans who think the season is fellow contestant Jordan Fisher’s to lose. Either way, I see the finale coming down to the two of them with the best prevailing. I’m unashamedly pulling for Lindsey.

What did you think of Lindsey’s performance? Do you think she has a chance to win, or do you think Jordan has this season basically wrapped up? Is there a possible third contestant you want to see win? Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “Lindsey Stirling Dominates Week 6 Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 25 With Stunning Argentine Tango (VIDEO)

  1. LOVED this. Dance of the season so far!

    In terms of who will win, I think Lindsey has the edge in votes right now, but Jordan may have production on his side since based on past seasons I think they believe the show/network will benefit more from him winning (Disney connections, pro on tour, him possibly being the celebrity guest). So I think if voting is close between them they’ll tip the hand in Jordan’s favor (they’ve done it in the past with other season outcomes) but I do get the sense Lindsey may end up running away with it in the end. It’s fun to watch them battle it out right now!

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