‘The Voice’ 13 Winner Predictions

Whelp, tonight’s the season finale of The Voice. 

As a diehard fan of these kinds of shows, most of their fun for me comes from spending time speculating how the results are going down. Unfortunately with The Voice, most of that unpredictability goes out the window with the introduction of iTunes charting counting as votes. Taking that factor out would make the show so much more fun in my opinion.

But I digress

In anticipation of the finale results, let’s take a look at how everyone did when it comes to the iTunes charting.

Toping the contestants is Addison Agen, whose performances were a hit with the charts, coming in 1st and 5th place (Jesus tap-dancing Christ!). Chloe Kohanski is right behind her though, coming in at 2nd and 6th place. If it weren’t for the fact that in the past the finale results are cumulative from the entire season, I’d be calling this a really tight race.

Bringing up the rear are Red Marlow at 3rd and 10th, and Brooke Simpson at 4th and 8th (it’s crazy how “bringing up the rear’ means holding the third and fourth spots on iTunes). These two aren’t going to win, and really are just competing for third place.

Alright, that all taken into consideration and assuming the results are based on the cumulative votes from the season, here are my predictions.

Chloe Kohanski will be the season 13 winner. Addison Agen will be the runner-up, and Red Marlow and Brooke Simpson will interchangeably come in 3rd and fourth place. My guess is Red will be fourth, and Brooke third.

I’ve been thinking for weeks now that Chloe was going to be the one to take this whole thing home, and I stand by that opinion. She’s consistently charted really well, and her coronation will be a satisfying bookend to this season. There is a very slight possibility that Addison could end up surprising everyone and winning, but personally I just don’t see that happening. She does have a chance if the votes don’t end up being cumulative. Such a shame though for Brooke and Red. They never stood a chance.

So those are my predictions. What do you think? Do you agree, or do you think I’m way off with how things are going down? Who do you think is doomed to finish in fourth place? Let me know in the comments below.


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