Ricky Manning Dominates Week 2 Of American Idol Auditions With Original Song (VIDEO)

American Idol is back! As a superfan of the show, I have a lot of thoughts on the new season, which you can check out in length in the new podcast I’ve started! A link to the most recent episode can be found HERE.

When it comes to my thoughts for week two of auditions, in my opinion there was one performance that especially stood out. It came courtesy of Ricky Manning, who is also a former contestant on The Voice. He performed his original song, LA Is Lonely, and received strong praise from the judges.  You can check out the full performance below.

Other standouts of the week in my opinion were Effie Pasero, Amelia Harris, and Genavieve Linkowski.

What did you think of Ricky’s performance? Do you think his was the best of the week, or do you think someone else stole the spotlight? Who do you think has the best chance of winning this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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