American Idol Top 14 Elimination Predictions

Alright, the top 14 performances are officially behind us and it’s time to take a closer look and see how the results are going to pan out. I’ve got a lot to say on each performance, which I’m going to save for my podcast tomorrow at 7 pm est. If you’re interested in that, consider subscribing to the page, which you can do so HERE.

Without further ado, here are my predictions

I’d Be Shocked If They Weren’t Safe:

1- Maddie Poppe

2- Michael J Woodard

3- Cade Foehner

Likely Safe:

1- Adam Sanders (Ada Vox)

2- Gabby Barrett

3- Dennis Lorenzo

Could Go Either Way:

1- Caitie Turner

2- Jurnee

In Danger:

1- Caleb Hutchinson

2- Jonny Brenns

3- Marcio Donaldson

4- Mara Justine

Likely Going Home:

1- Michelle Sussett

2- Garrett Jacobs

Should Go Home: Michelle, Garrett, Marcio, Jonny

Will Go Home: Michelle, Garrett, Mara, Caleb

In my opinion, the contestants sent home will be a combination of those six. I’m hoping Mara can sneak herself through, but I’m not gonna lie that I’m really nervous for her. Caleb and Marcio are the two, I feel, are very likely to get wildcards of this batch should they need it. The producers judges might also want to keep Jonny around to fill the heartthrob slot a bit longer. Michelle and Garrett’s eliminations seem like all but certainties at this point though.

So those are my predictions! What are yours? Who do you think is for sure safe and for sure going home? Let me know in the comments below.

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