The 5 Best Performances From ‘The Voice’ 13

With the offseason of The Voice upon us, I thought it’d be a fun idea to share my thoughts on the performances from the season that were my personal favorites. I put together a top 5, which you can check out below.

5- Noah MacRiver, by Bishop Briggs- I find it so ironic that my favorite performance of Noah’s is the one that sent him home. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed this performance.

4- Keisha ReneeAll By Myself, by Eric Clapton- Keisha was a contestant who I felt was never really dealt a fair hand in this competition, but still went out of her way to sing her butt off. This was my favorite performance of hers.

3- Chloe KohanskiThe Chain, by Fleetwood Mac- This performance sealed Chloe as my favorite contestant of the season. Watching this, I never expected she’d be the one to win but I can’t lie and say I’m not super happy she took the title.

2- Addison AgenA Case Of You, by Joni Mitchell- Addison’s voice is incredibly light and soothing, and this performance really showed off her skills and talents. I really enjoyed it.

1- Chloe KohanskiTotal Eclipse Of The Heart, by Bonnie Tyler- I think this performance from Chloe sealed her win. From this point on there seemed like no one had a really strong chance of stopping her march to victory. As for me personally, it’s my favorite performance from the season.

So those were my favorite performances from the season. Which were yours? What do you think was the worst performance of the season? Let me know in the comments below.


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