The Voice 14: Top 8 Eliminations Predictions

It’s bloodbath week on The Voice, which means that at the end of tonight’s episode the top 8 will be cut in half, leaving us with the 4 contestants that will be moving on to finale night. To get a sense of who will and will not be advancing, let’s take a look at how all the contestants charted on iTunes.

#2- Kyla Jade: Let it Be, by The Beatles
#3- Britton Buchanan: The Rising, by Bruce Springsteen
#5- Brynn Cartelli: What the World Needs Now is Love, by Jackie DeShannon
#6- Kaleb Lee: It Is Well With My Soul
#9- Pryor Baird: Change the World, by Eric Clapton
#11- Spensha Baker: My Church, by Maren Morris
#32- Rayshun LaMarr: Imagine, by John Lennon
#47- Jackie Foster: Here I Go Again, by Whitesnake

Wow, a pretty strong showing from Kyla that came perfectly when she needed it most. Actually, it’s really cool that so many of the contestants managed to crack the top 10. However, at the same time it does also basically seal the fate of everyone who didn’t, which brings us to my predictions.

How this round has worked in the past, and how I suspect it will go tonight as well, is that Carson will name the top 3 vote getters to advance and the bottom 2 vote getters to be instantly eliminated. Then, the remaining three contestants will sing for the save. With that structure in mind, I’m going to guess that Kyla, Britton and Brynn will advance based on the vote and Jackie and Rayshun will be instantly eliminated. Then, Spensha, Pryor and Kaleb will sing for the save, with likely Pryor winning it, thus eliminating the other two. There’s a small chance that Kaleb could score one of those top 3 spots, but if he does I predict whoever he knocks out of Kyla, Britton and Brynn will be the one who ends up winning the save.

But those are just my predictions. What are yours? Who do you think is going home? Let me know in the comments below.

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